Boeing with 105 passengers crashed in Cuba: only three survivors

At the Jose Marti airport in the Cuban capital Havana on Friday evening, shortly after take-off a Boeing 737 crashed. Of the 105 occupants would only be three passengers in the crash have survived.

The flight, carried out by staatsluchtvaartmaatschappij Cubana de Aviacion, was en route from the capital Havana to the eastern town of Holguin. Shortly after takeoff, the aircraft came in, that was leased from a small Mexican society, however, is already in trouble.

Witnesses report that they have a large ‘fireball’ saw, and then a huge plume of smoke. A neighbour tells the American news channel CNN that he is near for the crash, the aircraft reciprocating saw swing, while the engines high revs made.

The unit collapsed eventually down in an agricultural area, just twenty miles south of Havana. Cuban state media report that only three passengers, the crash would have survived, all women.

National mourning

The vast majority of the care had the Cuban nationality, although there were also two Argentines among the passengers. The six-man crew consisted of Mexicans.

The emergency services arrived after the accident immediately, massively, on the spot, just as the Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel. He condoleerde there the relatives of the victims and promised an investigation into the circumstances of the crash. Also ex-president Raúl Castro made his condolences.

In Cuba there are two days of national mourning was declared.

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