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Bitcoin: Genesis Mining is taking Warren Buffet in an advertising campaign on the grain

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Warren Buffet is currencies since the beginning of the development of digital currencies, there was a consistent proponent and opponent of Bitcoin and Crypto. In the past, the Buffet was wrong, however, with investment forecasts to Amazon and Google, which are among the most successful companies in the world. This fact forms the basis for a näckige campaign of the Bitcoin Mining company Genesis Mining advertising.

One of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffet, has always been very negative towards Bitcoin and the potential of crypto-set currencies. As we already reported, he referred to Bitcoin in the beginning of may as a “rat poison to the power of two” and advised all the investors to invest money in the market.

The Warren Buffet and his future forecasts is not always correctly shown by the examples of Google and Amazon. The Buffet was about a year ago, publicly, that he had missed the investment opportunities on Google as well as Amazon clearly.

The Bitcoin Mining company Genesis Mining added have launched an advertising campaign using those statements as a hanger to Buffet, that he could etch in the case of Bitcoin also. For this, they placed large billboards in front of the Buffet’s office with the words (freely translated):

Warren: You said that you have Google and Amazon geiirt. Maybe your statements about Bitcoin are also wrong?

The Co-Founder of Genesis Mining, Marco Krohn, tweeted a few days ago that the new advertising posters in front of Warren buffet’s office hang.

The advertising campaign is intended to serve, according to the CEO Maro Strictly to the Public about Bitcoin, educate and negative stereotypes that unfortunately have led a lot to often be a verb, to resolve.

It is a consciousness in the population are being woken up with current technologies and the opportunities of Bitcoin and the Blockchain. The advertising posters in front of Warren buffet’s office in Omaha, Nebraska will be found there for several months.

Part of the campaign, stickers on Taxis are the describe that a pizza purchase was carried out in 2010, 10,000 Bitcoins (because of the then price of Bitcoin was very low), would have been the present day 2.4 million in Dollar value.

Genesis Mining by the year 2016 advertising campaigns to draw the attention of the Public on Bitcoin and the block chain technology.

At the beginning of this month, organized Genesis Mining, a comic Demonstration on the Blockchain-conference “Consensus to 2018” in New York. Here, the protesters disguised themselves as Bankers, and contributed to signal a T-Shirt with Anti-Bitcoin mark of the battle of the banks to Bitcoin.

Even if those advertising campaigns are carried out on a jocular manner, the attention of the population and the adaptation of crypto currencies increases, the piece is well advanced. Genesis Mining, speaks on the company’s blog great respect for Warren Buffet, but he should reconsider his perspective on Bitcoin again (freely translated):

Warren, we have great respect for you and what you have accomplished in your amazing life. But you’re wrong in the case of Bitcoin. We recommend you to take a step back and take a second look at it, because just like with Amazon and Google time will tell, ultimately, how wrong they were. But this Time it will be in a much larger scale.

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