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BidiPass’s BDP Token Sale begins on 16.08.2018

182a126ad42ae033baa203fc61f64f44 - BidiPass’s BDP Token Sale begins on 16.08.2018

BidiPass has announced that it will postpone the start date of your ICO a little to the rear to take into account before extensive Feedback from the Community on the project and implement it. The new start date of the ICOs is the 16.08.2018.

The company has decided to move the ICO, due to the enormous feedback from users and consultants to the rear. Previously, other consultants and team members to realize involved in the project to provide additional solutions for the improvement of the project.

The BidiPass Team will work in the next few weeks, hard to get key Influencers to integrate their platform to a wider audience. Your developer team is derzeitauf the world, to present the BidiKey-platform, block-chain conferences.

The Executive Chairman, Fernando Albarrán, and the Vice President for technology, Juan José Ruiz, met last week with the prestigious cryptocurrency consultant Keith Teare to a strategy meeting. They agreed that the postponement of the deadline is the best approach, since you want to deliver your product shortly after the conclusion of the ICO is already on the users.

BidiPass is a Smart-Contracts-driven platform that enables everyday interactions between users using a single App using your BidiKey technology. The App works like a digital passport that enables users, business, and financial transactions safely and securely, legal documents to sign, and much more.

The App uses a bi-directional encryption system, which allows for the authentication of human-to-human and human-machine validation, and both the provider and the buyer from fraud of any kind protects.

BidiKey can also be used instead of boarding passes and Tickets. In order to promote this function, has led the BidiPass Team talks with personalities from the football industry and is planning the announcement of a major speaker who will act as ambassadors in order to increase the practical applicability of the platform for sporting events.

Mr Albarrán out (freely translated):

BidiPass has made it their mission to deliver an exceptional product. Therefore, we will strengthen our consulting and technology Teams, to ensure that we reach all of the goals of our Roadmap.

The Feedback for our project was fantastic and we would like to thank all of you who continue to be patient and believe in the project.

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