Beyoncé buys church in New Orleans

5489c4dbfa186e37fa51ac76af890285 - Beyoncé buys church in New Orleans

Beyoncé has a church, bought into the American place, New Orleans. The church is more than a hundred years old, but already a while no service more as a house of worship because of a lack of members.

The church stood for 850.000 dollar (721.500 euro) to purchase, but it is unknown whether that the amount is that the singer has laid down, writes TMZ.

If Beyoncé the church back in old glory want to restore, then can them according to the entertainmentwebsite in any case, all in one church member charge: her sister Solange lives around the corner from the church.

The chances are that a church of Beyoncé a lot of new members attracted. Last month held a church in San Francisco a special Beyoncé-miss, and there were nine hundred people. During the service, music was the singer used and preached about the philosophy of life of ‘Queen Bey’.


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