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Bart Verhaeghe throws herself more and more as the strong man behind the Red Devils: “In football you have to surprise you sometimes”

b103aff9e83015da99468096c38d34d7 - Bart Verhaeghe throws herself more and more as the strong man behind the Red Devils: “In football you have to surprise you sometimes”

Somewhat surprisingly, prolonged coach Roberto Martinez his contract with the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) for two years, while it was generally assumed that only after the world cup, a decision would be taken. What is remarkable in the press conference was that vice-president Bart Verhaeghe are increasingly taking place as the strong man at the Belgian football association, while president Gérard Linard, only adopting (and for bacon and beans?) at sat…

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“I know football and sometimes you must dare to be surprised in the interest of the Belgian football. At this moment we have stability and I am glad we made this decision for the start of the preparation have taken”, said the belgian football association vice-president Bart Verhaeghe Friday during the press conference where the contract extension of coach Roberto Martinez from the cloths was done.

On the sports side, there can Martinez little to be blamed. With 28 to 30 in the qualifications he laid out a nearly flawless course, albeit against opponents of a different level than the Red Devils at the world cup for the choose will get. The litmus test follows still. “On the sports side, we have indeed nothing on Martinez. The qualification went almost perfectly, and meanwhile we are the number three in the world. He has an enormous professional, has a good relationship with the federation and also the players are happy for the contract extension we have had consultations with them. In addition, he does it on the same terms as two years ago: his motivation is not money, but passion – he truly believes in the Belgian football.”

Yet there is also a risk to the renewal of the agreement covenants. If the world cup goes wrong, it is the bond two year contract to the Spaniard bound. “That is a scenario where we would rather not be too much to want to think. The disadvantages roads, however, are not against the benefits. We found that it was better now to take a decision, then the world cup. Stability and continuity are more important. In addition, starting in september all the Nations League. It is not easy to be still in the short term, a good coach to find and so should you as a board to take responsibility.”

At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS as an outsider

With the contract extension for Martinez hopes the belgian football association, especially stability and continuity, less than a month before the start of the world cup in Russia. “I see our country as outsider”, says Verhaeghe.

Under Roberto Martinez was a 28 to 30 put in the qualifications and the last loss dates back from a year and a half ago, when Spain dry with 0-2 came win at the Heysel. That provides a third place in the FIFA ranking, but that gives a distorted picture because the opponents in the qualifications are not of the highest level. “There are bigger football conference than Belgium at the world cup, I think France, Germany, Brazil and Spain – that are the toernooifavorieten. Belgium is outsider, just like Argentina.”

With debutant Panama, Tunisia and the uk, there was a viable group from the bus during the draw from the beginning of december in the Kremlin in Moscow. The road to the second round is so open, but treacherous, Poland, Senegal, Japan or Colombia in the eighth-finals and a possible semi-final against Brazil or Germany. “At the world cup there are no easy matches, just as in the play-offs. The smaller countries will want to prove. It is the first time the group stage to survive and then we will see where we end up. However, I want no pressure, I have full confidence in this selection.”

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