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Bad news for Stoffel Vandoorne: upgrade of F1-motor delayed

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Bad news for McLaren and Red Bull, motorleverancier Renault proposes the upgrade of its engine.

Given the fact that this season’s 21 races and finished with only three engines it has become even more important to the upgrades for the engines very well to plans.

Renault planned an upgrade for the GP of Canada. On the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is the engine by very long straights is very important. Since the GP of Canada in addition, the seventh race on the F1 calendar, the circuit is an ideal place to get an upgrade for the engine to run.

There is, however, now bad news from Renault for the planned upgrade is postponed. The upgrade would be around the MGU-K rotate, but at Renault, they are still concerned about the reliability of the new component. Therefore, the upgrade is postponed, will the customer teams of Renault on a smaller upgrade you can count.

“It is clear that we are at the weight need to work and that is one possible solution,” said Remi Taffin, the technical director at Renault Sport, as opposed to ‘’. “That is also the reason why we do not hurry a solution to introduce. There is no specific time as a goal. I would say rather that we introduce when it is ready.”

“It revolves around the reliability, we will need the MGU-K is the number of kilometers able to let go that we find necessary.”

According to Taffin is an introduction of the new MGU-K during the seventh race will then also be asked for the rest of the season trouble-free to be able to finish.

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