At least ten dead in shooting at Us school

A student at a high school in Texas is at least ten fatalities. The offender is arrested. In the school itself are also explosives found. This confirms the local police.

The governor of Texas Greg Abbott the Sheriff gave Friday night that had 10 fatalities are counted. Ed Gonzalez confirmed earlier on a makeshift press conference that there is ‘between the eight and the ten deadly victims’ cases. It would go to both students and staff. When the wounded one police officer, who is in critical condition to the hospital and an emergency surgery is undergoing. The leadership of the school indicates that there is a “less than ten” killing would be.

The person who is arrested is a 17-year-old student. His motives are not yet clear. A second person is being questioned, but it is not clear how he was involved in the incident.

In the school itself and in the surroundings of the building are some explosives detected, confirms a spokesman of the police. Residents are asked to be extra careful for suspicious materials.

There are now also reports that the police invaded is in a house near the school. There is for explosives search. It seems that the search warrant related to the shooting.


The Houston Chronicle spoke with the sister of a boy who was present in a classroom where the shooter came in. The 17-year-old Trey Lemley was hiding in a closet. When he left, he saw to his own words, ” three dead, he told his sister.


Student Leila Butler says on news channel ABC13 that around 7.45 pm local time the alarm went off, and that the attendees to the classrooms left. According to another witness, someone came with a rifle inside the building, and was a girl shot in the leg.


Santa Fe is located about fifty kilometers from Houston. The incident evokes memories of the school shooting in Parkland, where on February 14, a former pupil 17 deadly victims. It would be the 22nd a deadly shooting rampage at a Us school this year.

‘Doesn’t look good’

The Us president, Donald Trump has been briefly commented on the shooting. ‘According to initial reports it does not look good,” said Trump on Twitter. At a press briefing he added to that that he does all he can to allow students to protect, “and the weapons from the hands of those pose a threat to themselves or others’.

In the aftermath of the murders in Parkland pleaded Trump for a stricter arms legislation. Beginning this month, he said, however, once again its support for the powerful gun lobby NRA.


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