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Andreas Vranken runs fastest Belgian 100 metres in ten years time

Sprinter Andreas Vranken Saturday on the Flemish atletiekkampioenschappen in Deinze for a surprise of size provided. He took 10.37 the fastest Belgian 100 metres since 2008 down. His chrono was obviously good for the Flemish title.

The personal record of Vranken was there since 2016, at 10.56, but there he did in Deinze, almost two tenths from. The wind blew with 0.7 metres of tailwind per second, however, is not spectacular in the advantage. In the series popped up Vranken with 10.50 for the first time under his personal record, but then blew the wind with 2.7 meters of tailwind per second to much in the advantage of legal performance can drop.

Kristof Beyens ran in 2008 to 10.35, but since then, the short sprint in Belgium a dip. There seems to be Vranken, who in Haacht lives, now end it. He comes on the tenth place on the Belgian ranking of all time. For the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin in August is 10.24 needed.

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