80-year-olds on a tour with Olga Leyers and Sieg De Doncker

0844fe891d858a3dac40fe62f572d879 - 80-year-olds on a tour with Olga Leyers and Sieg De Doncker

In “Around The World ” With 80-year-olds,” will VTM the dreams of the elderly realize. Eight 80-somethings that do not or hardly have traveled in their life get the chance to visit their dream destinations to attract. With as companions on the trip: Olga Leyers (20) and Sieg De Doncker (28).

The two twentysomethings are very excited. Also for Leyers goes like a dream come true: “It is a special tv program about travel, which I already love to do. By such a long trip around the world you go very intense with people’s lives.” Her travel mates 80-year-olds are, will find them just fine. “Who take no sheet before the mouth and have very much life experience, I love it. Here I have so much sense”, she adds.

De Doncker is a well-known face by Heroes, a Teen program, which he is often surrounded by children. “For me, it is so totally new.” According to the presenter is the ‘crazy fun’: “Our reiskompanen go despite of their age an intense adventure. Olga and I, we should undoubtedly be at the one and the other expect.”

The recordings for the new VTM-programme “Around The World ” With 80-year-olds” will start soon. When the trip around the world on tv to see, to follow later.

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