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SEC: Fake-ICO “Howeycoin” warns of scammers

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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is looking for ways to the consumer of the dangers of ICOs to warn. The SEC has issued specifically a Fake ICO. This employment with ICOs is consistent with the statements of the SEC in this year’s Consensus.

Just ICOs are prone to Scams. In short, a White Paper copy, a few fake Linked-In Profiles set up and ready for the money making machine. If it operates then clever Marketing, the investors to come out of their holes. Or So the Credo of many a publisher of ICOs. Money collect and then possibly a platform to bring out. Or the same with the money – there are plenty of examples.

This Problem has adopted the SEC is now in an authoritarian manner. With the Howeycoin the US to demonstrate American authority, how easy it is to pull bona fide investors the money out of the pockets. With a specially set up Website and a Countdown until the Pre-ICO is over, the authority on the ICO hazards. Even a nine-page White Paper has placed the SEC. According to the Homepage of the Howeycoin to revolutionize the travel industry.

Both the temporal urgency (of the Countdown), as well as the promise of high profits are often indicators that it is a Scam. Just as the information on the support of Celebrities and the indication that the project of the SEC was approved. The only way to pay with credit cards, here is another indication of fraud, the SEC. The man learns at the latest, when trying to invest. Then you land on the Homepage of the SEC, the authority explained the factors listed.

The SEC is not opposed to the principle of ICOs

This closer examination of the SEC with (potential) crypto-currencies is in line with statements made on the Consenus. There, representatives of the authority said that they are in favour of reasonable regulation:

“The SEC was the talk open to meet people from the industry to join in and talk with the people about ideas and new developments and new technology exchange. We support new ways to generate capital. We do not regulate the technology – we regulate the financial industry and markets.“

What else happened on the Consensus, you can read here, here, and here.

To analyze In their own right: ICOs is not an easy thing, as we know from our own experience. The Research and the related expenses that you have to operate to the ICO to assess, it can take a lot of Know-how, personnel, and time. To our readers in this effort to lose weight in a month our crypto compass with the ICO of the month , and the results of our research. The Howeycoin can’t do it with security in the crypto-compass.

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