Rapper Meek Mill to White House

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Meek Mill is invited to come to the White House. The rapper will speak about reform of the prison and the criminal justice system in America.

“When I was released from the prison I promised my platforms to use for the stemlozen give a voice”, wrote the 31-year-old Mill on Twitter. “I feel honored that I get the chance in the White House to do.” The rapper wants his story to share and engage in conversation about the reform of the criminal law. “So that we can combine to a defective system to repair.” Or Mill during his visit president Donald Trump met, is unclear.

Meek Mill, who is actually Robert Rihmeek Williams, came in 2008 for the first time in trouble with the police because of drug dealing and illegal possession of weapons. Before that, he received a prison sentence, but he was at the end of 2009 early released. Last year he was arrested for a brawl and later for reckless driving. It earned him a prison sentence of two to four years. He was early released due to a scandal with the police, where questionable actions by multiple agents has come to light.

Recently made a Mill well-known together with Amazon and JAY-Z’s Roc Nation to work on a documentary series about the American criminal justice system. Therein is the path to fame to bid and is Mills years of struggle with courts the central. Furthermore, the high penalties in America for people with dark skin are discussed.

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