Podiumoutfit of Sennek in momu fashion museum Antwerp

0dd4179ea44b4652b22f97cbf4e2a758 - Podiumoutfit of Sennek in momu fashion museum Antwerp

Now the Eurovision story of Sennek, after her adventure in Lisbon, is past, it is time for a next step. Friday took momu fashion museum Antwerp her podiumoutfit, created by Veronique Branquinho in their collection. Sennek spent the afternoon around 16.00 hours her dress to the MoMu. This is the first Eurovision song contest outfit ever that the museum has in its collection, it welcomes.

In the meantime, everyone knows the outfit of course: a black transparent tulle dress, including Sennek pants with masculine tailoring carries, so as to contrast with the romantic dress. The transparent substance has a lot of details in crinkled velvet. The female outfit with a dark, romantic side to fit in perfectly with Senneks own style and at the podiumact on the Eurovision song contest.

The fashion museum is proud to present the podiumoutfit in his collection. Elisa De Wyngaert, curator MoMu, says: “In 2008, MoMu ‘Moi, VERONIQUE BRANQUINHO, TOuT NUe’ on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the label Veronique Branquinho. We have at this moment 564 objects of Branquinho in the collection, and its presence is important to the story of the Belgian fashion to tell. Branquinho designs clothes that are attention seeking, but clothing on a discreet sensual. She works in a muted color palette and combines elements from the herengarderobe with feminine materials such as lace, satin and chiffon.

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