Pat Krimson lost teaser WK-number

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If real soccer was, of course, obvious that DJ/producer Pat Krimson own Red Devils-anthem for the world cup in Russia was going to make… The link was quickly established to his big hit “Paranoid in Moscow’ from 1998, exactly 20 years ago… The vocals were then recorded in the Russian capital, and ‘Davai’ means as much as “Everything”. Patje is in the voetbalcircuit known as a warm-up of his club Racing Genk and also a regular at the matches of the Red Devils at The Heysel in BRUSSELS. He knows the best what works well with football supporters…

Together with his accomplices, Ricardo Rulando and Serge Ramaekers, he worked at the 711 studios in Brasschaat on the number, and the end result is really top.

Pat : “Belgium Davai” is an adrenaline rush and gives the supporters that really éénheidsgevoels at each voetbalfeestje. A very catchy melody and the high meebrulgehalte for young and old but with a contemporary sound.”

Confirmed world cup-DJ-Sets:

14/06. Baouzza Bilzen (Opening of the world cup)
18/06. ‘Kuipke’ In Ghent
23/06. Genk on Stage
23/06. Sotto’s Zottegem
2-3/07 Wellington Racecourse, Ostend

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