‘Our Song to War’ harvest hearty applause in Cannes

5a132ec9be3085339d6d80357a3fcbe9 - 'Our Song to War' harvest hearty applause in Cannes

‘Our Song to War’, the second short film of the Belgian-Colombian Juanita Onzaga, is a hearty and enthusiastic applause at Cannes, after the screening in the lavishly-illustrated catalogue Quinzaine des Réalisateurs.

‘Our Song to War’ is a continuation of the series of documentaries under the title “River to forgiveness” (English title: ‘The Jungle knows you better than you do”) that Onzaga in the course of 2017 recorded. In it she Bojaya, a village in Columbia that by the slave trade and extreme violence of war severely scarred, which partly explains why there is still a bizarre use are common.

With an astute look and a grandiose and impressive photography evokes the filmmaker a story where spirits and people meet each other from now on to live together in the life after the war.

‘Our Song to War’ is a production of Rana Films in co-production with The Chinese. ‘Our Song to War’ has been nominated for L’Œil d’or, which the jury awarded the best documentary in Cannes about all sections around the crowns. For the film gave Onzaga that it is very necessary, and personally, it was to tell the story. “I leave the situation in Colombia to look at it from a poetic point of view and that is a different point of view than you usually get to see.”

During the Q&A (question and answer) after the film, told Onzaga that they are one and a half years on the film, had worked with a microbudget of € 8,000. With the eye on her first feature film ‘The Landscapes That You Seek’, wants to Onzage the questions and mysteries that she is already in her short films has been developed, to further explore.

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