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Limburg prestigestrijd to title in handball: “Bocholt is a favorite, though we reached them three times”

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Saturday night take Hubo Initia Hasselt and Achilles Bocholt in the Alverberg in Hasselt against each other in the first final of the play-offs at the men. Achilles Bocholt for a third consecutive national championship, while Hubo Initia Hasselt for a fourteenth national championship play. The last time that Hasselt won the title dates from the 2013-2014 season.

Hubo Initia Hasselt succeeded for the third time this season in order for a final placing. The Hasselaren reached earlier this season, the BENE-League-final where they eventually ended up as fourth place. Last month won Hasselt the belgian Cup after a win against Wezet. Saturday they start at the first of two, possibly three play-offfinales. Both teams played this season, five times against each other. Hasselt held three times in the victory at home. Achilles Bocholt won their two home games.

“When you get the whole season watching, they are favourites”, says Jelle Vonckx, goalkeeper at Hubo Initia Hasselt. “Both the BENE-League and in the play-offs they have from the beginning to the end of the pipe stood. We have Bocholt three times already reports this season with the comment that it is three home games and we are in the play-offs only one time at home to play. In this case, the role with them. Viewed objectively, I think that we have 50 percent chance to win the title.”

“We certainly have a good chance at the title. I believe there 100%,” adds Bruno Willems, chairman of Hubo Initia Hasselt, goalkeeper. “Bocholt has a strong whole. They have the bad luck that Bartosz Kedziora out, but Spooren or Winters catch that very well. But we certainly have a good chance!”

Achilles Bocholt has won in march the BENE-League-final and would now like a second prize to add. The North-Figures for the third year in a row won the national championship. “We have Hasselt this season in his own house yet no time can be beat. That eats away still with us because we have no time for 60 minutes of handball have been played. We hope to be there tomorrow to change that,” says Serge Spooren of Achilles Bocholt. “The fact that we have home advantage have is perhaps an advantage. But if we tomorrow in Hasselt the first match losing is the right and knife on the throat. Yet I trust and I believe in our titelkansen.”

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