Harry Styles is producer of sitcom “loosely based on own life”

8c4e166c516e2136d854a5528469bb41 - Harry Styles is producer of sitcom "loosely based on own life"

Harry Styles is executive producer of the sitcom ‘Happy Together’, on the American television channel CBS. That message The Washington Post. The show is loosely based on the life of the 24-year-old British singer.

‘Happy Together’ tells the story of a married couple whose life is abruptly disturbed by a young pop star who at the lovebirds comes to live. The plot is inspired by Styles’ own experiences during the rapid rise of One Direction, as he was with his friend Ben Winston and his wife went to withdraw in a London borough.

The leading roles are for Damon Wayans Jr. (Coach in the tv series “New Girl”) and Amber Stevens West (Maya in the movie ’22 Jump Street’). The role of the pop musician is played by Felix Mallard (Ben, Ian Kirk in the Australian soap ‘Neighbours’).

In a statement, stressed CBS that the series of “just loosely” based on the life of Styles: “The similarities with reality end up in the living together of Ben and Harry. All the rest is not based on true experiences.”

The series is coming next fall on CBS broadcast.

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