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Consensus 18: Is Bitcoin the global currency of the Internet?

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On the third and final day of the world’s largest Blockchain and crypto-conference Consensus in New York were cut once about many different subjects. Among other things, it went to Blockchain implementation of large enterprises and General technical innovations. What can we take away from the conference.

The Consensus of 2018, went yesterday evening with a “Bold Prediction” to the end. This term is used in the English like to have a daring prediction for the future. To those of Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square, a mobile payment service provider, as well as co-founder of the Blogging service, Twitter, ventured.

Bitcoin as the “currency of the Internet”?

Half in hope, half in expectation of the future Dorsey formulated his Vision of the Bitcoin or other crypto-currency, could one day become the “currency of the Internet”. In his opinion, the Internet deserves its own currency for all transactions you make via the Internet.

Whether the currency will, however, necessarily of the Bitcoin, Dorsey does not want to set. He hoped, however, that it will be Bitcoin, because he referred to himself as a “big Fan” of bitcoin. Dorsey’s preference for the Bitcoin can be easily explained if you look at the Background of his Start-ups Square. Bitcoin payments are an integral part of the Payment service provider. So you have made a company more than once thought about whether or not the Bitcoin will one day be the Basis for all payments on the Internet.

What remains of the conference?

The big thing, as it was in the last year about the announcement of Segregated Witness as a compromise solution to the Bitcoin-scaling debate, did not take place this year. Instead, have been adjusted in addition to the usual Promo-Show for crypto-companies more long-term developments. So it went in this year than in previous years, the interweaving of the “Old Economy” and the emerging Blockchain-scene. Well-known traditional companies announced Blockchain projects or were in prospect, to invest in the exploration of the technology. Also Blockchain-Start-ups were given a platform to present yourself and your project.

As a second major theme of the conference, the topic of regulation can be considered. Appropriate regulation of Blockchain applications, and in the first line of crypto-currencies, your choice on both sides. Companies and Start-ups hope to gain from a organizing framework that gives them security and support, so that they can make their projects work. Government and regulators also want to establish clear rules to prevent abuse and protect investors and consumers. However, representatives of the legislature also emphasized the difficulty of such an undertaking without professional Expertise. A too tight strangling over-regulation that could impede in the worst case, the innovations, but opposed to both sides.

Especially ideas and hopes for the future of the crypto world from the conference in New York in addition to the images of almost 10,000 visitors, including Lambo owners.

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