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Block show published study of the best European countries for Blockchain-Start-ups

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18. May 2018 – The block show Europe in 2018, has published a study in the ten best European countries for the establishment of a Blockchain company. Switzerland is number one on the list, due to their positive regulatory dynamics and their perspective Position in the determination of guidelines for crypto Start-ups. With train’s Crypto Valley , the country is a hotbed for crypto-innovations. Gibraltar and Malta round off the Top Three as a result of similar dynamics, and government participation.

The study examined a total of 48 European countries and analyzed various aspects to determine what are the supported currencies of the them the interests of the Blockchain and Crypto, at the same time, however, the current regulations for the growing Blockchain-sector to comply with. The official criteria used included the provisions for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), the currencies, the rules for Crypto as a Form of payment, as well as the taxation of crypto currencies.

Not far away on the list is the United Kingdom at number 4, Denmark is currencies number 5 (with 0 per cent tax on Crypto), Germany is at number 6 and Portugal at number 7 (here revenue from cryptography are not taxed). Finally, Finland (where virtual currencies are exempt from VAT), the Netherlands, and Belarus (where crypto-currencies up to the year 2023 tax-exempt and Smart Contracts as legal documents, the Top 10 were rounding declared).

The full list can be read here.

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