Vivienne van den Assem is little witch

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Vivienne van den Assem is this summer to hear as a witch. The actress has the main character of the new family film The little witch with a voice. Her raven Abraxas was the voice of actor Tygo Gernandt, made Dutch FilmWorks Thursday known.

In the film, based on the worldwide best-seller by Otfried Preußler, the little witch secretly to a large heksenfeest. They will be caught and may only return in the forest as they are within one year all of the spells from the magical book from her head to learn. For days on end exercises, with the assistance of her raven Abraxas and friends Thomas and Fietje.

Multi-talented Star King spoke with the voice of Fietje. For the singer, vlogster, presenter and actress, who in 2016, it became known thanks to her participation in the Junior Eurovision song contest, it is the first time that they have a voice encourage for a movie. The little witch is from 18 July to be shown in Dutch cinemas.

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