Trump: ‘Libyan model is not an option for Kim Jung-un’

d77dff8d446b4b5914695da1436f0575 - Trump: ‘Libyan model is not an option for Kim Jung-un’

The Us president has made clear that the security of the Korean leader Kim Jong-un assured will be in the future. Him wait according to Trump, not the same fate as the murdered Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Trump has tried to reconcile with Kim Jong-un after yesterday had let me know that he was not interested as the U.S. unilateral disarmament requirements, ” and that he may even have a meeting with Donald Trump would cancel.

The American president stressed that the meeting, according to him, still continues, but that he suspects that China, the North Korean leader may be affected. Trump stressed that Kim is not the same lot shall undergo the Libyan leader Gaddafi, who in 2011 was killed after bombings of Nato. Trump guarantees even that any deal Kim ‘very strong security guarantees’ would give. “He would be present, he should have his’n country running and his country would be very rich.”

In that way dissociates Trump himself from the statements of the American security adviser John Bolton. Who proposed the example of the Libyan disarmament in the prospect. Gave there leader Gaddafi, U.s. and British inspectors, eventually, full access to all nuclear sites as part of his ontwapeningsakkoord. The weapons were literally shipped to the united states.

According to Trump, is the ‘Libyan model’ absolutely not an option – already refers to Trump, according to The Guardian , especially to the Libyan invasion in 2011, which lead to the death of Gaddafi was referred to Bolton, especially on the surrender of Qaddafi in 2003. ‘The Libyan model was a very different model, ” he said. “We have that land cut off.’ He says that the piste is only on the table if no deal is reached with North Korea.

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