Terence van der Loo in the Addams Family musical

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Terence van der Loo, Mylène d’anjou and Dick Cohen play in the coming theatre season, the musical The Addams Family. The trio forms the family Beineke, so was Thursday clearly at the press presentation of the show.

Terence van der Loo

Van der Loo, known for the musicals The Marathon and Mother, I want to join the revue, plays the role of Lucas Beineke, the young boy who Wednesday Addams (played by Marjolein Teepen) falls in love with. Together with his parents Ellis and Henk Beineke he comes to meet with his prospective in-laws.

Earlier it was announced that Johnny Kraaijkamp and Pia Douwes in the role play the role of Gomez, and) are common Addams. Martijn Vogel (Pugsley), Tony Cousins (Uncle Fester), Irene Cooper (Grandmother Eudora) and Raymond Paardekooper (butler Lurch) make up the rest of the Addams family-cast.

The Dutch adaptation of the musicalkomedie comes from the pen of Jon van Eerd. Paul Eenens is in the piece involved as a director and Stanley Burleson does the choreography.

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