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Scientist tap UCI on the fingers: “the Engines are not right next to or behind cyclists riding”

b7b68fb57c960a8e41a09b154edb477e - Scientist tap UCI on the fingers: “the Engines are not right next to or behind cyclists riding”

Bert Blocking, professor of building physics at the KU Leuven and TU Eindhoven, criticizing the International Cycling union (UCI) because who refuses motorcyclists to prohibit during matches right next to or behind a cyclist to ride. Currently, an engine is not just for a cyclist to ride, but according to Blocking is the scientific despite evidence that there are also unwanted effects may occur if they are next to or behind cyclists who drive.

“Our wind tunnel and computer simulations show that a cyclist who was in a distance of 1 m behind a motorcycle, drive, up to 4 times less wind resistance, having and with the same effort, suddenly twice as fast can drive. Even driving at a greater distance behind the motorcycle still delivers significant benefit. At 30 metres for example, do you have as a cyclist is still 2 to 3 percent less aerodynamic drag”, thus Blocking in a blog on the Newspaper of the KU Leuven.

Cyclists not only have the advantage if they are behind the motor drive, but also if they get the engine out. “From our testing indicate that the presence of a motorcycle behind a rider at a distance of 0.25 meter, 0.5 meter or 1 meter of the air resistance of the rider to decrease with respectively 8.7 percent, 6.4 percent and 3.8 percent, causing the rider also in this case, the faster will be able to drive”, thus Blocking. That is because the presence of the engine the suction behind the rider to decrease.

Otherwise, it is with a motor which is right next to the cyclist rides. “At a typical distance of 1 to 1.5 meters between the cyclist and motor cyclist bends the airflow to the rider along the sides and increases the air flow for the cyclist. That is, in this way, a resistance to process up to 16 percent may be higher, causing it to 8.3 percent slower drive.”

Even with a distance of 3 metres, according to Blocking still an increase of the aerodynamic drag by 5 percent.

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