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No Syriëstrijder, naked Adam and Eve on ‘Lamb of God’stage

Theatre company NTGent has no actor found that a modern soldier can interpret from the controversial production of ‘Lamb of God’. That turned out Friday at the presentation of the new theatre season under the direction of director Milo Rau. However, uncovered the company of the actors who played the role of Adam and Eve, will be playing in the play based on the legendary painting by the van Eyck brothers.

NTGent came in search of actors in a media storm when it appeared that the company was considering a former-warrior to cast as the modern variant of the crusader. “You can press to use for a commercial stunt’, says the actor, who Adam plays this back. “I found it good publicity.’ NTGent will soon start in a renovated building, that Friday was still partly under construction.

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The start of the new season means the start of a series of productions under the guidance of the Swiss artistic director Milo Rau. He works together with co-artistic directors Stefan Bläske and Steven Heene. In addition to the much talked about ‘Lamb of God’ is the next year the production of ‘Oresteia’ to see revenge in Iraq. Also ‘La Reprise, a study of theatre as an art form. A total of eight productions staged a few revivals and gastproducties.

The new productions should be of the NTGent, the ‘theatre of the future’. A “Manifesto of Ghent,” put ten artistic guidelines. Thus, during each season at least one production in a conflict zone to be rehearsed or performed. In each piece, there will be two languages are spoken. A quarter of the rehearsals should outdoors be done, and reproductions of existing works may not more than 20 percent of the original.

The first performances of the new season from september.

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