More money for education in emergency responses, EU

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BRUSSELS – The European Union is going to be more donor funding that is intended for humanitarian crises spend on education. In 2016, it was 4 percent of the budget, this year 8 and next year to 10 percent.

With the 265 million euro during the last six years was issued were 5.5 million children in 52 countries achieved. Children who are victims of a humanitarian crisis, and must be within three months lesson, is an objective that the European Commission on Friday presented.

“The EU takes global leadership to children to go to school,” said commissioner Christos Stylianides (Humanitarian Aid and Crisis management). “It is our duty to ensure that there are no lost generations arise. We will not rest until we have these goals to achieve them.”

The largest program in Turkey

The largest EU programme for education in emergencies is in Turkey. Refugee parents to get money on the condition that their children go to school. Of the program to the value of 84 million euro 290.000 children use.

Globally, 3 percent of the humanitarian assistance to educational projects.

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