Kluivert feels pressured and does not want to renew with Ajax

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Justin Kluivert acknowledges that he is in 2019 expiring contract with Ajax is not going to renew. The 19-year-old winger feels put under pressure by the clubleiding and think it would be better for his development to go away.

Ajax was months in negotiation with Kluivert and his agent Mino Raiola, but an agreement remained. Allegedly wanted to Kluivert, who this season, a move captured, the bestverdienende player in the selection, but according to the one-time Orange-international is the correct Ajax to get the money to do so.

“Ajax wants me to my contract renewal, so that they can ask. What do they want really? My plan was to continue, but there is a lot happened the last time,” said Kluivert, who are seventh in the youth of Ajax came in an interview with the Volkskrant.

“The public thinks that it is only about money, while everyone knows that I had it right. I was absolutely not waiting for money. Football is important. I want to develop myself.”

Bucket full of

Because of the contract extension is not provided it seems the departure of Kluivert, who has already been linked to AS Roma and AC Milan, forthcoming. Ajax is forced him this summer to sell because he would in mid-2019 press conference is going away.

“There is me more or less said that I had to bijtekenen. Otherwise, I had to way”, says Kluivert on the negotiations. “Then you think. I have recently, with Marc Overmars (director spelersbeleid, red.) spoken. I feel put under pressure.”

“The most important thing for Ajax is that I have my contract renew. This isn’t football, but for money. Through all the speculation is the bucket full of hit. And I make the choice, not my mother or my father. My mother stands behind every choice I make.”

The father of Kluivert, old-following his departure to chelsea, Patrick Kluivert, stressed a few weeks ago that it would be better to at Ajax. “Sometimes I take the advice of my parents, sometimes not,” says Kluivert now. “He also said that he is one hundred percent behind my decision.”

No team

At Kluiverts choice not to prolong plays that other players also not for Ajax to want to stay. “Look what’s going on around me, with other players who want to get away or go away. It will be hard to get through the preliminary round of the Champions League, while matches at the highest level are important.”

In addition, the atmosphere within Ajax, according to Kluivert not more that is. The vleugelspeler says that the result of the many trainerswisselingen at the club, where Peter Bosz little over a year ago, left, and his successor Marcel Emperor, within half a year was dismissed. Erik ten Hag is since January the third Ajax coach in a short time.

“Ajax switches easily from trainers. They don’t really get a chance”, says Kluivert. “You notice to our trainer, that he is not really at ease. That you saw to the Emperor. That feel guys. You can see it in how trainers behave, how they express themselves, also in the press. It feels unstable. We are not really a team. There are different opinions. About everything.”

“The one time you play so, then there will be an other trainer and you play again. It is very difficult. We have this season never really knew what we wanted to with his all.”

Ajax and Kluivert ended the season last week with a 1-0 defeat in a practice game in Dubai against Al-Ahly. The chances are that the attacker Friday called for Orange, that oefeninterlands plays in and against Slovakia (31 may) and Italy (4 June).

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