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Flemish film prize in Cannes

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Victor Pad

Victor Pad is in Cannes won the award for best acting performance in the nevencategorie Un certain regard for his starring role in ‘Girl’, the film debut of Flemish director Lukas Dhont. The top prize in that category goes to the Swedish film ‘Gräns’ Ali Abbasi.

Tomorrow is the big boys of the official competition, but tonight were all the prizes distributed in the main nevencategorie Un certain regard. The Flemish film Girl fell in the prices: the great actor Victor Polster gets the prize for best acting performance.

“I am extremely happy with what this project has already brought to pass”, says Victor Pad in a first reaction. Victor Polster is a boy of 16, but was still a year younger during the recordings. “I feel really honored that I had with these fine people have been able to work together, and grateful that Luke picked me for Girl. This award comes as a total surprise, but I feel the happier that I am him just with this film have won.’

When the casting has Dhont a white raven is found: a boy of this age that classical ballet can dancing and acting. And how: Polster doing it without any exaggeration. His Lara is a shy girl that keeps his for himself, and can’t wait to be transformed into the beautiful woman she in her heart already. What a fascinating interpretation, and how brave of a boy of that age to have such a challenging role to take on. Polster had to expose themselves.

Standing ovation

Last week astounded Dhont the Cannes film festival with his film. After he was treated to a standing ovation, which is the usual duration at premieres far exceeded. When the visible is due to the Dhont with his cast and crew, the audience left, there were still people to applaud.

Girl is a beauty of a film, about a girl who fights against her male body. Meanwhile, try Lara ballerina to be – a beautiful metaphor for the discipline and perseverance to one’s body in a new form to push. Unbelievable that this is a first film from a new director: all right. So sensitive was Dhont to work, that the least transgression, this film could break. Girl is a moving experience, without one false sentiment. And with a moment that makes you squirm in your chair, purely because of your supportert for Lara.

Other winners

The grand prize in the nevencategorie goes to the Swedish Gräns of the director Ali Abbasi. The jury award is for Les morts et les autres by Renee further Messora and Joao Salaviza. The best scenario went to Sofia of Meryem Benm’barek. The best director is Loznitsa for Donbass from the Ukraine.

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