Drunk Mac Miller is driving a car in the mash

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Mac Miller is in the nor. The rapper was riding in the night of Wednesday, on Thursday his car in the mash and went to walk off before the police on the spot. Agents took Malcolm McCormick, better known as Mac Miller, according to TMZ home.

The 26-year-old rapper put his Mercedes-Benz G-class to a elektriciteitsmast in the San Fernando Valley. Mac and two passengers, left the wreck on foot, a witness called the police. Then at the crushed SUV and run over the mast came out, it was the address of the rapper pretty obsolete soon. Agents knocked on the front door with Mac, who immediately admitted that he had a sip of too much on and had his car unattended had left.

A police source told TMZ that Mac “the most polite and nicest drunk person that we have ever seen.” Nevertheless, the rapper, whose relationship with Ariana Grande recently on the verge of falling apart, in the shackles captured and in a cell.

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