Zuckerberg Tuesday for an interview in Brussels

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BRUSSELS – The conversation between Facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg and leaders of political group of the European Parliament, Tuesday at 17.45 hours. The subject is the misuse of personal data of millions of users who were gathered by the British company Cambridge Analytica to convert in election campaigns.

Mark Zuckerberg

The maintenance is behind closed doors in the parliament in Brussels. President Antonio Tajani talks to the press afterwards about the discussion, let the spokesperson know.

That it is not a public conversation, leading to much criticism, left-wing and liberal Meps. Guy Verhofstadt, president of the liberal group, said the meeting, to boycott, if that, behind closed doors.

The ’pity’

EU commissioner Vera Jourová (Justice and consumer Rights) thinks it “a pity” that the seat is not in the public domain. Tajani responded strongly to her comment. He pointed out that the decision of the leaders of political group. “It is not your task to the European Parliament, to monitor and criticize,” said the Italian.

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