Winner 5 million wants to price not get

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New York – A 24-year-old native of New York who, with a scratch ticket, five million dollars won, the enormous price not come and pick it up.

Condition of the New York Lottery is that happy on the photo and a video is made. The New Yorker feels nothing. The man fears that his life is a hell as his face becomes known.

It is going to be an unemployed man from the relatively poor Norwood in the district of the Bronx. He does not even have a bank account. Until recently he lived two jobs at the same time in fast food restaurants.

He is now to the State Gaming Commission agreed to the request are 4.2 million through a backdoor provided to get. When the man of his sentence, he stepped to the right, writes the New York Post.

The newspaper knew the what ielige man to speak, but it guaranteed him anonymity. The New Yorker has been living his whole life in the same district. Everyone knows him, and if it becomes known that he has the money won, he should fear for his life, ” he says. “I’m just a nice guy. I don’t want to misuse”.

He bought the winning scratch ticket on the way to and clothing store as he is for his birthday in the new wanted to put. He was the fate completely forgotten about until the on the toilet almost out of his pocket fell.

Sitting on the toilet he began to scratch and grew the excitement soon. At first he thought 5,000 in the pocket, but the comma remained but to move. “I was crazy”, he says about the time he got the five million scratched. “From that moment on I through the whole house jumped. Actually, I believe it only when I have the money in hands you.”

The 24-year-old, who at McDonald’s and Burger King at the same time worked before he became unemployed, grew along with his mother. His whole life is already out of survival and of dollars scraping.

Of his millions he wants to first get a decent house for his mother to buy. And yet another house for his 28-year-old brother. The bachelor and the father of a 4-year-old daughter wants to keep one million aside for the girl. With the rest of the money to open the man as quickly as possible a garage.

For the time being, he is still not a cent for the lottery right foot in the piece: first time posing. It is also as a condition on the back of the scratch card.

The Newyorker has his hopes are aimed at a court ruling earlier in march that the winner of 475 million euro in the Powerball lottery anonymity guaranteed.

That it indeed can go wrong, prove two previous cases. Abraham Shakespeare won in 2006, thirty million dollars in the lottery. Two years later he was killed. Jeffrey Dampier cashte 20 million dollars in Illinois and was later found dead.

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