Win a duoticket for ‘Bad Samaritan’!

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A brutal home invasion, a chained girl and a homicidal businessman. Meaning in a haunting crime thriller? ‘Bad Samaritan’ plays from may 30, in the Belgian cinemas. Win here your duoticket!

Join our competition for the chance to win free tickets for this crime thriller. We may ten duotickets to give away.



Photographer Sean rumbles but what to and runs together with a friend, a seedy valet parking service. When the arrogant businessman Cale Erendreich his Maserati with them in issuing a decision to Sean for his chance to intervene and to break into Cale’s house. On the shocking discovery that he does, he is not prepared for, however: a chained girl in a horrific moordkamer…


‘Bad Samaritan’ is a thriller from Dean Devlin (Geostorm), starring a magnificent David Tennant. You can also see Robert Sheehan (Geostorm) and Kerry Condon (the Avengers).

This film is from may 30, in Belgian cinemas and is about 4 months later it was available in the On-demand catalogue of Proximus TV.

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