’Whitney Houston abused by sister Dionne Warwick’

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Whitney Houston and her brothers are in their youth are abused by a family member. That explains the assistant of the in 2012, died the singer in a new documentary. Also the half-brother of Whitney, Gary, asserts in the film that abuse has taken place within the family.

Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick on stage together, during the Pre-Grammy Gala in 2011.

The abuser would Dee Dee Warwick, the sister of singer Dionne and a cousin of the mother of Whitney, and Gary, Cissy Houston. In an interview with Vanity Fair, explains filmmaker Kevin Macdonald that he during the making of the documentary a growing suspicion was that something traumatic had happened during the youth of Whitney. “Something to its bare take care of me, they never seemed entirely at her ease. I often worked with people who have been sexually abused in their youth, and something to her and remembered it.”

Several people have confirmed, in confidence, his suspicion, but only when the docu Whitney was nearly completed decided assistant Mary Jones for the camera to tell that the singer and her confidence has taken over the abuse. In the documentary tells brother Gary, that he himself by a female family member sexually abused. He is not specific about the fate of Whitney.

According to Macdonald, is the family for the premiere of the film, which Wednesday took place at the film festival in Cannes, informed about the misbruikverhaal in the film. That would be especially with Whitney’s 84-year-old mother Cissy hard arrived. Also Dionne Warwick for the movie came out, informed of the allegations against her in the 2008 death of sister. “We don’t want that they suffer from the deeds of her family. Negative feelings about her error: she had nothing to do with and knew nothing of it,” said Macdonald.

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