Wenger: “We had Cristiano Ronaldo almost within’

c157481887b9e8edc2f5ee400a6ff048 - Wenger: "We had Cristiano Ronaldo almost within'

Almost 22 years was Arsène Wenger, coach of Arsenal. In that time he had numerous artists under his wing, but one world star, carrying the Frenchman: Christiano Ronaldo, that is United above the Londoners chose. “We were very close,” says Wenger on the site of Arsenal.

In 2003, Wenger just Ronaldo instructions.

Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Messi Messi, Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Dennis Bergkamp: the list of stars under Wenger at Arsenal played for a long time. But still: that list was still very impressive, can look like Ronaldo also had been. And that was in 2003 is almost the case, says the Frenchman.

“He and his mother were here and we were close to an agreement. Then came Manchester United on the gpu. They had a match against Sporting Lisbon played and Ronaldo was excellent. She explained to him. Can you imagine what it would have been as Thierry Henry and Ronaldo had played. They had my stay here will be completely different.”


Where it misliep for the transfer of the then eighteen-year-old striker? Money. “We offered € 5 million, further we could not go. United put 14 million euro on the table, that we could then not pay for it.” Although the amount is not impressive looks, it was a record for a teenager.

Arsenal picked up after 2003 a national championship and even played a Champions League final, yet dominated United the years after the arrival of Ronaldo and the Premier League. The Portuguese proved of great promise to a world star, and for that ‘CR7’, Real Madrid moved over, he won three titles, the FA Cup and the Champions League final with the Mancunians.

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