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VTM News has to move studio to Antwerp

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The bullet is through the church, VTM News moves in 2019 along with the newspapers and the websites of De Persgroep to Antwerp. That move was already two months in the air, but is now final.

In 2019 will all of the news editors of The press association, under the heading of News City to Antwerp move. It comes to the editorial boards of, among others, The Latest News, HLN.be, De Morgen, Humo, Day All and VTM News. The VTM News-editorial and studio move, so also from Vilvoorde to Antwerp. The entertainment leg of the commercial station stays in Vilvoorde.

“It is a logical step that we also have the VTM News studio move to Antwerp, so that all the news editors on a single location housing,” says the director of News, Kris Hoflack. “So are all the editors, each with its individuality, will be directly connected with each other. We don’t have to have a set to feature in Vilvoorde for urgent interventions, but the regular news broadcasts happen from the autumn of 2019 from our studio in Antwerp.’ On that single editors would have a total of 400 people work. That are not only journalists, copy editors, technicians, lay-outers, and producers.


Behind the move lies a substantial restructuring. There is a far-reaching integration of all the editors, who worked intensively with each other will work together. Previously there was criticism of the new, rather complex management structure that superredactie need to control. Although there is no layoff announced, feared the trade unions two months ago that the less people will have. Whom all the people add up now on the aforementioned editorial work, a lot more than the 400 over which the management has sounded in march.

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