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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: the Bitcoin Internet currency

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The crypto market has fallen in the last 14 days and been trying ever since to reverse the trend to initiate the not wish, however, to succeed in up to now. The altitude positive news, as the statement from Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey. He hopes that Bitcoin will be the currency for payments over the Internet, and countries across, used world-wide.

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey is known for his support of Bitcoin and crypto currencies since the first Moment. At the Consensus conference in New York, he said in an Interview with Elizbaeth Strong Lightning Labs that he hopes that Bitcoin will one day be the currency for all transactions worldwide (freely translated):

Each payment that comes across the switch, should be able to accept a seller. You should only pull the sale in the recital, not the currency used for the sale.

Thus, Dorsey shows that Bitcoin should not be introduced at all the dealers as a currency, so it will go with the purchase of a Good or service to the Problem of payment processing, but only to the decision whether the purchase is made or not.

In March of this year, bull was Draper already for Bitcoin, and was (freely translated):

The world will eventually have a single currency, the Internet will have a single currency. I personally believe that it will be Bitcoin. […] probably, the development will take ten years, maybe it goes even faster.

Many critics of Bitcoin will see a large Problem of mass adaptation in the still (in comparison to other crypto-currencies such as Ripple or Nano), slow transaction speed, and the associated costs. The development of a Lightning network, is trying to solve the Problem of scalability and speed.

The number of Nodes is increasing steadily, and it was already presented the first Bitcoin Lighning Network Wallet for Android. We are optimistic and are excited to see how rapidly the spread in the year 2018 will continue to progress toward.

The Bitcoin exchange rate currently stands at 7.073,59 Euro and moved within the last 24 sideways, and recorded nevertheless, the rate of growth of 1.30%.

The market capitalization is just under € 120 billion and a trading volume of EUR 5.2 billion (in the last 24h).

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