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This Bitcoin Wallet work without an Internet connection

The Internet nowadays is, unfortunately, not perfect and all-encompassing – in many countries there is a stable Internet connection is still a luxury. Adding to that, thanks to the emergence of the Net-neutrality-Abstimminung of the FCC, our Internet may not remain always so private and stable, as we have it today. This Problem is exactly what the New York Startup goTenna is trying to mitigate.

The App, which was founded by the Brazilian siblings Daniela and Jorge Perdomo in 2012, collaborated with Samourai Wallet this summer, a Android to publish based App, which can run users allows Bitcoin transactions without Internet-connection.

Privacy and decentralisation is at the heart

GoTenna is a tiny radio device that was originally developed as a communication device for the user. It syncs with your phone and allows you to send encrypted messages to other goTenna users within a radius of one kilometre. This System is basically foolproof, since it works even when there is no mobile signal is present, and this is thanks to the Mesh-network is possible, a decades-old System for the use of the Internet without Wi-Fi or fixed network. Since the messages are routed through the Mesh network, they are Essentially untraceable.

This idea of privacy and decentralisation struck quickly in the crypto-Community. In an Interview with CoinDesk, goTenna engineer Richard Meyers, explained the possible applications of the Mesh network with crypto currency TRANS-actions.

“It provides a censorship-resistant Alternative,” said Meyers. “It will disguise who you are and where you are when you make these transactions. So this is a big privacy advantage.“

“You need to be able to have your Bitcoin in disaster cases,” added Meyers in reference to the recent Work of the Perdomo siblings in Puerto Rico, where goTenna devices to connect to the people after Hurricane Maria helped again. “As long as you have to charge a phone, you can communicate and transfer.”

And that’s it – as soon as you are connected to your goTenna device, you can send a Bitcoin transaction, the jumps over the Mesh network, until the recipient is found. The entire process is encrypted, since the Mesh-network of free, unlicensed radio frequencies. Therefore, no one will be able to decrypt your identity, even if someone succeeds, their Bitcoins-Mid-transaction interrupt – which in itself is almost impossible.

The goTenna devices will be sold for 179 $ per Pair, so far, more than 100,000 devices have been sold.

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