Suede comes to the AB

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After the huge success of their 10th album ‘Night Thoughts’ is Suede at all ready for a next full length album. ‘The Blue Hour’ will be on 21 september 2018 in the store shelves. And that’s not all! The London group associates there is also a tour, which also Belgium is on the program!

The iconic Britpopgroep Suede makes in the beginning of the ‘90s the rage thanks to their legendary self-titled debut album. Tracks like “Dog Man Star” and “Coming Up” showcase their enormous talent and ensure that they are up to the very select club of the greats belong in their own country, until their split in 2003. In 2010, picks up Suede the thread, they find the way back to the studio and touring them around the world in the largest halls and most prestigious festivals. Next fall they will bring their new album ‘The Blue Hour’ – the final part of a musical triptych that started with their reunion in 2013. With Alan Moulder at the buttons, the versatility of Suede again fully played out, and the band goes again in search of unknown terrain thanks to the arrangements of Craig Armstrong and Neil Codling.

Brett Anderson (vocals), Richard Oakes (guitar), Mat Osman (bass), Simon Gilbert (drums) and Neil Colding (synths, piano) on 30 september in the Ancienne Belgique for an unforgettable evening with Gwenno as a support act! Tickets are available from 18 may at 10 am.

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