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Stuttgart stock exchange wants to make trading of Bitcoin & Co to the masses

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The subsidiary of the Stuttgart stock exchange, Sowa Labs, has announced a new Smartphone application for trading of crypto-currencies. In September, the App called “Bison is to go” to the market. After the announcement in April it published a list of crypto-currencies that can be traded on the App.

The traditional trading venues have joined so far reluctant to accept the digital currencies. But now Sowa Labs, presented their App, with the help of the crypto-currency trading to the masses. Behind Sowa Labs, the Stuttgart stock exchange, the second largest stock exchange in Germany, with a trade volume of 100 billion US dollars. The announcement makes it clear that the “old (financial)hands” don’t sleep.

In December 2017, the Stuttgart stock exchange Digital Ventures, the company had acquired Sowa Labs.

“We make the trading with crypto-mass-currencies fit”

After a market analysis, it quickly becomes clear that trading with crypto-currencies is not easy at all. This means that the barriers are especially for beginners is often too high to come to actually buying it. With the App “Bison” is going to change everything.

On the site are already now Bison’s advantages being touted: The sign-in process goes smoothly, within a few minutes, there are no additional fees and you can directly in the application act.

In addition, Bison by using an artificial intelligence (AI) to filter, in real time, the crypto-messages on social channels and users to recycle. This function bears the name of the crypto radar.

It is the world’s first crypto-App, behind the traditional stock exchange. The prototype of the App is already there, the finished product will be available in autumn available free of charge.

Anyone who is already convinced now of Bison, you can log on to the Website for the VIP list. From September 2018, the App will be available to all. VIPs will also take part automatically in a competition.

After the announcement in April, the company has named currencies, this is the planned Crypto. For the launch of four crypto-planned currencies: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Ripple. Furthermore, Sowa Labs plans to have the support of other Assets.

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