Studios VTM News will move to Antwerp

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News City, where the various news desks of de Persgroep Publishing and MEDIALAAN to cooperate, will settle in Antwerp. That was today, Thursday 17 may 2018, published. News City brings the editorial boards of, among others, The Latest News,, De Morgen, HUMO, Day All and VTM NEWS literally together under one roof. The VTM NEWS-editorial and studio move, so also from Vilvoorde to Antwerp. The relocation is planned in the autumn of 2019.

Paul Daenen, Director of News: “We have a while ago the ambition to go to all the editorial offices at 1 location to be operational. We are happy that today we can confirm that the ring of Antwerp you can continue.”

VTM NEWS will be after the move from Antwerp to be transmitted. Kris Hoflack, Director of News: “It’s a logical step that we also have the VTM NEWS studio move to Antwerp, so that all the news editors on 1 location of housing. So, every editorial, every with its own individuality, are connected directly with each other. We don’t have to have a set to feature in Vilvoorde for urgent interventions, but the regular news broadcasts happen from the autumn of 2019 from our studio in Antwerp.”

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