Six countries for EU-court to foul air

7608958c69b4470115e3dbc6ee6d95cf - Six countries for EU-court to foul air

BRUSSELS – The European Commission is dragging six EU governments to the European Court of Justice due to the substandard air quality in their country. Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Great Britain, according to Brussels for years, too little to the emissions of life-threatening substances such as nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter to reduce to the legal limits. Spain, the Czech republic and Slovakia to escape preliminary to a lawsuit.

EU commissioner Karmenu Vella (Environment) at the end of January the environment ministers of the nine countries in Brussels on the mat is called. He set them an ultimatum to quick, effective action plans to submit to the dirty air to deal with. Proposals which are submitted in six cases, insufficient, says Vella. He fears that without legal action, the EU for many, many years with a failing policy in those countries.

The commission already had procedures set in motion for breaches of the EU legislation, but with the ultimatum hoped Vella the final step, to the EU-court, to prevent because pronunciation of years can wait.

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