Ruben Nicolai is away from Jennifer Hoffman

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Ruben Nicolai is wildly enthusiastic about actress Jennifer Hoffman. As a result of FHM500, in which the 500 most beautiful women of the Netherlands, he talks frankly about his ’crush’.

Jennifer Hoffman

On the question of what the five most beautiful women of the Netherlands are, to put Ruben Jennifer Hoffman of dot-on-one. “Jennifer is the example of beautiful totaalvoetbal. Beautiful, really beautiful to see. And she is really funny. That is also really important that you can laugh with someone. She is smart. She has a box, choose where she is at her place. She is, yes…”, he explains to FHM.

The magazine wonders whether this is an open application is to a date with Jennifer. “I have indeed heard that they are again single. But if people are there then very hard to go cheer for, then that’s rather silly for the two parties that just got out of a relationship.”

Other women who are in the top 5 of Ruben Nicolai are singer Moon, football player, Anouk Hoogendijk, Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau and colleagues of Anna Nooshin.

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