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Now Microsoft: ban of crypto-advertising on Bing

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Facebook and Twitter have led the way: Since the beginning of the year, prohibit the advertising of crypto-currencies on your pages. Shortly thereafter, Snapchat, Google, and Taobao, according to drew. Now Microsoft follows. Starting in June, crypto may be, and related products on the Bing search engine advertised currencies.

As Melissa Alsoszatai-Petheo, Manager of the advertising guidelines in the case of Bing, on 14. May announced that will be banned, “advertising of crypto-currencies, crypto-currency-related products and non-regulated binary options” starting in June on Bing. Thus, Microsoft was on a par with the Messenger services, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, as well as with Google and Alibaba’s subsidiary Taobao.

For the protection of users

The reasoning of all the services, which prohibit advertising for crypto-currencies on their platforms, is always the same: The users are to be protected from the dangers of the digital money. Too high the risk of the Scams emanating from fraudulent ICOs, dishonest Coin sellers and other crypto. In view of the actual fraud cases that have already taken place in the area of ICOs, and crypto-currencies, this assumption is not surprising. BTC-ECHO has recently reported on the case of fraud, ether, poison.

Rather than to inform, however, about these dangers and to create a more enlightened awareness of the nature of digital currencies and ICOs, want to deny many companies the existence of which seems to be the favorite. This suggests, at least, the complete Stop of advertising to crypto topics. The Background to this prohibition is the assumption that there could be no seriousness in something that is not regulated. The power Alsoszatai-Petheo also in the announcement clearly:

“Since crypto is not regulated currencies and related products, we find that you pose a possible increased risk for our users, the result is that criminals, people participate in predatory acts or in any other way for the consumer to cheat.”

The target is completely driving ban, however, hardly any regulatory efforts. Instead, the Bing, the ban reinforces the Association of crypto-currencies with the illegality.

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