Netanyahu does kippendans with Netta

0f2752367ce7165d6b841c031268b68c - Netanyahu does kippendans with Netta

Eurovisiesongfestivalwinnares Netta Barzilai on Wednesday by the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu received. The singer, who on Saturday in Portugal, the profits picked up her much-discussed act, should come to the office of the prime minister.

Netta Barzilai

The two posed under a lot of attention from the national press for the cameras. And let Netanyahu show that he is in the short tête-à-tête also something learned. He made an attempt to ’kippendansje’ of Netta to imitate. Images of them informed the prime minister on his twitter account.

“It was great to Netta Barzilai to meet in Jerusalem! Netta, we all love you. You have our country much honour,” he wrote in another tweet.

Netta was Monday’s grand welcome in Isräel. They won the song contest with the song Toy.

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