Meghan Trainor dreams of Hollywoodcarrière

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Meghan Trainor dreams of being a great Hollywoodactrice. She hopes to achieve this by first selecting a small number of appearances in movies.

Meghan Trainor

“I want to first as a cameo to get started. That is how you start. You get a second here and a few seconds there and then you get the starring role”, explains the 24-year-old singer to Bang Showbiz.

Trainor has already been seen in Amy Schumer’s’I Feel Pretty, and she hopes more often in this kind of movies to play. The singer is also very happy that her music in the film is used. “I’m a huge fan of Amy and I’ve always known that they would break. My music for her film, is used, it is a dream come true. This I so beautiful my bucket list stripes”, as she explains to The Hollywood Reporter.

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