Medialaan and Persgroep move to Antwerp, editors and studio of VTM NEWS

a8f84b0b74c19bd57eac419aab83c05a - Medialaan and Persgroep move to Antwerp, editors and studio of VTM NEWS

News City, where the various news desks of de Persgroep Publishing and Medialaan, collaborate, settles from the fall of 2019 in Antwerp. It brings the editorial boards of, among others, The Latest News, De Morgen, Humo, Day All and VTM NEWS together under one roof. Also, the editors of VTM NEWS and the studio move to Antwerp. There is, however, looking at whether there is a set comes in Vilvoorde for urgent interventions.

De Persgroep is the publisher of Humo, The Latest News and The Morning. Medialaan encompasses, among others, the brands VTM, Q2, Q-Music and Joe. Both media groups announced in mid-march that all of the editors will amalgamate under the name of News City, together under one roof. Since De Persgroep in Antwerp a brand new headquarters together, the city as a major contender labeled.

The trade unions and journalists of both companies were, however, sceptical and worried about those plans. “Brussels is the political and economic heart of Belgium and the European Union. Journalists ask questions about the possible move to Antwerp. How can they smooth in Brussels get with all those traffic jams,” was the criticism.

De Persgroep Publishing and Medialaan made known that all of the redactions effectively to Antwerp move, the editors and the studio of VTM NEWS, now based in Vilvoorde.

VTM NEWS is after the move from Antwerp to broadcast. “It is a logical step that we also have the VTM NEWS studio move to Antwerp, so that all the news editors on 1 location housing,” says Kris Hoflack, director of news. “So is every editorial, every with its own individuality, are connected directly with each other. We don’t have to have a set to feature in Vilvoorde for urgent interventions, but the regular news broadcasts happen from the autumn of 2019 from our studio in Antwerp.”

Peter Bossaert, CEO, who was head of the strategic team of the unified company, left at the end of april the company due to a difference in vision.

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