Keith Richards calls on America to Trump dump

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Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards calls on all American citizens to president Donald Trump “dump”. In an interview with BBC Radio 4 explains the British musician that he was, in 1989 a considerable quarrel was with Trump.

Trump was the promoter of the Rolling Stones in 1989, when the British rockers in the context of their “Steel Wheels”tour in Atlantic City occurred. After arrival in the U.s. city saw Richards that the billboards for the concert in a special way were designed. The name of Trump was in large letters, while the name “Rolling Stones” in a tiny font it was printed.

“We did all those years never had any problems with promoters, but Trump is an exception. That incident in 1989 was the last time that I ever really evil. I took my trusty pocket knife, put it in a table for me and demanded that Trump dumped had to be.”

According to Richards, are the now the citizens of the United States that Trump should dump. “Do not say that I warned you about”, sounds at the rockicoon.

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