John Travolta must be crying to have a successful career

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John Travolta must be crying for the happiness that his career has brought. That told the 64-year-old superstar at the festival of Cannes, where his latest film Gotti to the press presented. In the film Travolta’s last great mafia boss that New York knew.

The actor won 24 years ago with director Quentin Tarantino in Cannes the Golden Palm for their film Pulp Fiction. “My life has since never been the same since, I have so much to Pulp Fiction to thank for it,” he said Travolta during a conference. “We had a few years ago, a big reunion, because it was twenty years ago that the movie came out. I have then briefly separated from the group, because I had to cry. I thought to myself what I all to that movie to thank. It was a milestone in my career.”

It is not the only milestone of the man himself also drew with roles in Grease and Saturday Night Fever. The actor can not well explain why he was in so many classics to see. “I’ve always quite consciously left open for people with original ideas, or plans that never before were done. This was true for both Grease, as for Pulp Fiction. And don’t forget that I also have a lot of projects have done work that is not well set out, and where I, for the same reasons. But you will hear people happy about it.”


Grease celebrates in Cannes, france, the fortieth anniversary; Thursday, there was a special screening on the beach of the Southern French seaside resort. “I’m especially surprised that I look so young appearance, and not now,” laughs the actor. “I am happy that the movie so many people happy has made. Grease is very simple, but precisely because of this, the story has now already the hearts of three generations. It remains so special that the young me in the film appeal to teenagers. I feel it is a privilege to have that.”

Travolta dances still exist today, but mainly to stay in shape. “Especially if I can what weight want to lose or leave in condition want to come out, I make sure that every day I even dance. There is nothing better to be ’in shape’ to get because you used really any part of your body. It doesn’t matter what to dance: jazz, ballet, rap, house. And besides, it is also a good remedy against stress.”

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