Japanese demands compensation for sterilization

5c573244254a3e639bfbb6ca45d6fcd9 - Japanese demands compensation for sterilization

TOKYO – Three Japanese who are forced sterilized and have the government sued. They demand a compensation, the message, the Japanese broadcaster NHK.

The trio, two men and a woman in the seventies, saying that their fundamental rights are violated. They say they forced sterilized due to mental and physical abnormalities. The eugeneticawet that made it possible in 1996, is repealed.

In total, with an appeal to that law about 16.500 people have been forced sterilized. It is, according to NHK for the first time that multiple victims simultaneously to the court. They demand separately converted 84.000 to 296.000 euros in damages. The Japanese could by the surgery and no longer have to decide whether or not children wanted to get.

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