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IOTA Foundation receives further growth by Andrea Villa

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The IOTA Foundation announced yesterday a further growth thanks to the Tech-specialists Andrea Villa, to support the project IOTA in the area of safety significantly. Through its Know-How upcoming problems can be solved optimally and quickly implemented.

Andrea Villa is a self-taught Computer Hacker and self-made Entrepreneur, who can look back on more than 15 years of experience in various companies. In the process, he went through the following positions: specialist for Cloud architecture, Devops and as a Senior Security Consultant for renowned clients worldwide.

In the process, he led Hacks against banks, smart cars, and complex business networks. With his Knowledge he should advise you henceforth to the IOTA Foundation in the area of Security, particularly in relation to possible sources of error within the Tangle Protocol and this in the long term, more secure.

Villa is happy about the cooperation, and leads (free Translation):

As a fast-paced and ultra-modern technology, I am of the opinion that IOTA is faced with various security challenges in terms of Protocol, implementation, operation and infrastructure, and the proactive investigation and resolution. The Tangle technology, can form the future basis for a wide variety of applications, since it is part of the efforts is to provide the General public, a usable and safe IOTA, which is both challenging and exciting.

In the past, there were some outcries and heated discussions about whether IOTA probe is mainly safe.

As we already reported, finished the University College London in collaboration with the IOTA Foundation, because there was allegedly a dispute over a supposedly-detected security vulnerability. As a result of different views of the security researchers and the founders of IOTA, this decision was taken with immediate effect.

In order to further discussions in this area to prevent the Tangle of advancing technology is crucial, it seems this step make sense to be logical for the development of IOTA.

In the course of IOTA moves, as the entire crypto-market, within the last 24 sideways, and a rate increase of 2.10 percent . With a Maktkapitalisierung of just under 4.5 billion euros IOTA occupies 9 of the largest crypto currencies in the world.

At the beginning of may IOTA project announced the mysterious project “Q”. Currently, the various rumors of what is actually behind it to circulate. A Bitcointalk Post from the year 2012, describes Qubic as a currency, which is characterized in that there are no transaction fees and all transactions are 100% private and untraceable.

Sure is that Qubic is a project of the IOTA Foundation has been working for a long time and is a major priority for the year 2018/19. According to an earlier statement by David Sønstebø, Qubic serve as the basis for a whole series of further projects.

What is it with Qubic but in the Detail, is the 03. June officially announced. Then the project will be presented, namely, officially.

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