Hilary Duff start neighbourly dispute on Instagram

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The neighbor of Hilary Duff takes a lawyer to defend themselves against social media attacks from the actress. That explains Dieter Addison, as the neighbor is called, Wednesday in front of New York Post.

Hilary Duff

Hilary went earlier in the day in an Instagram Story loose on her neighbor, who, according to her continuously smokes and blowt, and in addition arranged the furniture would be smashing. She called Dieter with name and posted a picture of him, including a screenshot of his Instagramaccount.

In one of the videos, she said: “We know that your parents pay the rent and you have never a day in your life have worked. That is certainly nice, but show some respect for your neighbors, who work hard to be in this building to be able to live.” Dieter is the heir of a German bierbrouwersfamilie.


The neighbor denies opposite the newspaper that he weed to smoke. However, he admits that he smokes cigarettes, but he emphasises that this is allowed in the building; one of the reasons why he had a house to rent.

Dieter, who claims that he has three jobs, says he, since the attack of Hilary is being harassed and threatened by fans of the former Disney star. He would consider a bodyguard in the arm.

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