French talent dare naaktscènes thanks to Paul Verhoeven

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The French actor Félix Maritaud has appeared thanks to the stark drama Sauvage to one of the discoveries of Cannes this year. The 25-year-old talent makes a strong impression as a male sex worker who lives on the street. The gritty film got rave reviews.

Maritaud had no trouble with the large number of naaktscènes in the film, he says during an interview at the boulevard. “I have a training as a visual artist,” he says. “I have learned to be naked to dare, and to be with nude work for assignments. I have no problems with it when I was nude; it’s part of life. Everyone in the world has sex, so it is also in movies. Movies represent real life.”

A great example in that respect, director Paul Verhoeven, the actor says enthusiastically. “I genuinely love Turkish delight and Splashes, especially because of the way nudity and sexuality is shown.” He describes a scene from Splashes: “Two main characters have just had sex and the woman is playing carelessly with the cock of the man while they talk about other things than sex. I thought that was a beautiful scene. For so it is in real life also after you had sex: you’re lying together naked in bed and talk about very different things. But in movies you see that but seldom.”


Maritaud is one of the discoveries of Cannes; last year it was the young actor in the multi award-winning aids drama 120 BPM. “I first worked as a cook and visual artist. I discovered by accident in a bar; I have never dreamed to be an actor. But as soon as I was on a set was, I noticed that this suits me. I felt me happy.”

He has taste and his ambition knows no limits. “I would like nothing better than the new James Bond. Haha, I think it’s time for a James Bond with French roots, it’s 2018, time’s up! Or else the bad guy, and then take I also satisfied.”

Sauvage should be seen later this year in the Dutch cinemas.

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